Sophie Loves Yoga

Yoga in Narborough, Leicester

About Me

I have been practicing yoga for 16 years now and every time I practice I still learn something new about yoga and new about myself. 

.For a long time, I had been curious about the idea of yoga. But it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I eventually took a class. Almost immediately, the discomfort and joint aches I’d been suffering from throughout my pregnancy up until that point, just melted away. I couldn’t believe how powerful yoga could be. From that moment on, I was absolutely hooked and have continued ever since.

Yoga has been such a positive influence on my life. It helps me feel stronger and more balanced now matter what challenges life throws at me. I tell anyone that will listen how taking up yoga was the best thing I ever did for myself. Once you have experienced yoga’s benefits, you want everyone else to have the opportunity to experience it too.

Unfortunately, a while ago I injured my knee. Rupturing my anterior cruciate ligament, in a non-yoga related incident I hasten to add! I ended up needing an operation, and so my usual yoga practice was interrupted. I made a good recovery, which I am certain was because of my years of yoga. But, the enforced time away from my practice really brought into focus how important yoga is for my mental and physical wellbeing.

And so I made the decision to make yoga an integral part of my life and train as a teacher. I am qualified as a 200 Hr Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, as well as having a YMCA Diploma in Teaching Yoga. I am also fully insured as a teacher.

In my classes, I aim to help others explore and nurture body, mind and soul with yoga. My hope is that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Send me an email or pop over to my Facebook or Instagram. I would love to hear from you.