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Yoga in Narborough, Leicester

Yoga for Beginners in Narborough

If you’re considering trying yoga, I’d love you to join me at one of my new beginners yoga classes in Narborough starting in August. Whether your priority is improve your flexibility, strength or mental wellbeing, in our classes we will explore what yoga can mean for you and how to incorporate it into your life.

Mondays 6.35pm-7.50pm 

Mondays 8pm-9.15pm 

My Yoga Classes are held at the beautiful and brand new Narborough Parish Centre, Desford Road, Narborough LE19 2EL.

£8.50 Pay as you go

£42 for a 6 Class Pass

You can book online here


Our classes will cover the main poses that make up the foundations of yoga. Starting from week one, we will create full body and breath awareness, establish alignment in sitting and standing poses which will do wonders for your posture and improve your day to day functioning. Next, we will move on to forward bends, gentle lunges and experiment with some iconic yoga poses like downward dog and warrior. After six weeks, you’ll begin to notice subtle but important changes in your body and your mind. You’ll have a great foundation to work from and I hope you will feel inspired to continue to discover all that your yoga journey has to offer.  

If you’re not sure where to start with yoga then this beginners course is for you. In these classes, everyone is welcome, just start where you are and work with what you have. All you need is the wish to discover how yoga can bring light and space to your body and mind and the curiosity to explore what that could mean for you. 

You can find more about me and my classes on facebook and instagram too!

Yoga in Narborough with Sophie

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  • Hi, I am a complete beginner but would love to start Yoga. My problem is I am away for the next couple of weeks so won’t be able to start until week commencing 23rd Sept. Would this still be possible as you will have started the course by about 3 weeks?



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